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Vine2Earn is a New Innovative Crypto Media Project with a Shilling-Incentived Utility where Creators get Rewarded to Post on Vine by using the Hashtag #Vine2Earn once Vine gets Released!

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x2dcCA0482F8141b2eA506808C0A2E1A3D0184923


Vine Utility


Shilling-Incentived Utility where Creators get Rewarded to Post on Vine by using the Hashtag #Vine2Earn once Vine gets Released!

There will also be a $5 BUSD Starter Bonus for the First Original Video Posted by Creators when using our Hashtag! (1 Bonus Per Person)


Vine2Earn is Pushing to become the Largest Crypto Media Project on the Vine Platform as we Establish our Brand Presence the Earliest!


Vine2Earn Major Catalysts


1.) Inevitable Vine Tweet by Elon again, and also possibly CZ. As Binance invested $500M into the Twitter Deal, and also has a share in the Vine Platform.


2.) Early Utility Release Paired with the Vine Hype. Stated by Watcher Guru, Elon Musk has instructed Twitter Engineers to relaunch Vine this year, and we are approaching the End of this Year!


 3.) “Vine” Search Trending on Twitter and other Major Media/News Coverage Pertaining the Topic.


Vine2Earn Tokenomics


Total Buy/Sell Tax: 6%

Marketing & Development: 5%

Liquidity: 1%

No Transfer Fees!



✔️ Contract Deployment

✔️ Website Launch

✔️ Build Social Media Presence

✔️ Sticker Pack

✔️ Pancakeswap Listing

✔️ First Marketing Partnership

✔️ First Wave of Twitter Influencer Push

✔️ First Wave of Telegram Influencer Push

✔️ Muunshots Listing

✔️ Muunshots Top Gainers

✔️ Coinsniper Listing

✔️ Coinhunt Listing

✔️ CnToken Listing

✔️ BuyTechBot Ad Campaign

✔️ First Youtube Review

✔️ First TikTok Review

✔️ Start Poocoin Banner Ad Campaign

⌛ CoinGecko Listing

⌛ CoinmarketCap Listing

⌛ Weekly Meme Contests

⌛ First CEX/DEX Listing

⌛ Vine2Earn Utility

⌛ Mystery Utility Unveiling

⌛ Expand to Alternate Language Communities

⌛ CoinMarketCap + CoinGecko Top Gainers

⌛ Articles

⌛ Push on Elon, CZ, and Vitalik Vine Tweets!

⌛ 20000 Twitter Followers

⌛ 20000 Telegram Members

✔️ Nomics Listing

⌛ BlockFolio Listing

✔️ BscScan Info Update

⌛ Icon Update on Metamask + TrustWallet

⌛ Major Influencer/Celebrity Sponsors




Vine2Earn Dev

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